2 to 3 years

Two Year Old

Class Specifics

Our twos program cares for children 2 years to 3 years of age. Each classroom has loving teachers who care for your child in a “primary care environment”. Primary care allows each teacher to give consistent, individual attention to each two-year-old. Your primary caregiver will be involved in the stages of toilet training, monitoring eating habits and getting to know the best way to foster your child's independence. Your two-year-old will be loved and cuddled in a secure environment. You will meet your child’s primary caregiver shortly before you begin with the program.

Our program allows two year olds the opportunity to learn about the world around them through a variety of hands-on themes we offer throughout the year. We honor each two year olds unique capability and strive to create classrooms that offer a loving, nurturing and respectful environment.

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